Student Support

Beverley Grammar School pioneers a multi-agency approach to student welfare. We continue to demonstrate our commitment to supporting students as shown by the setting up of a dedicated Student Support Team and area in school.

The team includes professionals and specialist staff from a variety of backgrounds: including social work, counselling, family links, education welfare, careers guidance, Youth Family Services and Learning Support.

Based in its own complex on the school site, the team is at the heart of an even wider network of support for our students. Day-to-day contact and liaison with Heads of Year and other teaching staff, along with the team’s strong links with other outside agencies, ensures that support is coordinated and that the individual needs of each student are addressed throughout their school life.

We operate an open-door policy for students looking for help and guidance on a wide range of issues and problems that might otherwise impact on their education and aspirations for the future. We believe we can make a difference.


Mrs Elgey

Head of Year 7

Mrs Elgey is an inspirational non-teaching member of staff that holds the students at the centre of everything that she does. She is very approachable.

Interesting fact: Mum to two amazing daughters and always puts her children and the students in Y7 at BGS as her first priority.

Mr Gibson

Head of Year 8

Mr Gibson is one of our longest-standing members of staff and therefore has many years of experience. He has a calm approach to dealing with students.

Interesting fact: I enjoy growing tomatoes!

Miss Thompson

Head of Year 9

Miss Thompson is an amazing member of non-teaching staff and helps our students maximise their potential as they move into Year 9. Miss Thompson is very hardworking and makes a big difference to our students.

Miss Thompson is also Behaviour Manager for Year 8 and Year 9. She supports Mr Gibson in his role as a teaching Head of Year.

Interesting fact: Enjoys crafting shabby chic furniture.

Mr Proud

Head of Year 10

Mr Proud is a supportive member of staff that helps students with their attitude to learning and behaviour in school. He also supports the Head of Year 11.

Interesting fact: I came to the BGS as a pupil.

Mrs Good

Head of Year 11

Mrs Good is an experienced member of staff and Head of Business Studies. She is very knowledgeable about how to help students at KS4.

Interesting fact: I am a qualified swimming instructor and have run the Great North Run.

Miss O’Leary

Child Protection Coordinator

Miss O’Leary  is a key member of the team in helping students understand their emotions and supporting teachers, parents and students with issues around safeguarding.

Interesting fact:


The Student Support (STS) Department

The Student Support Department is a vital part of the school and it is always busy down there. The area is split into three zones: Red, Amber and Green.

The amber zone is led by Miss Thompson and Mr Proud. They work supporting students who need academic or behavioural support and also provide intervention for students who have poor attendance and homework issues.

The red zone is used for students who are removed from lessons and is a quiet, reflective and restorative area where students can access outstanding support and guidance on how to improve their behaviour, effort or organisation.

The green zone is a calm and quiet space for students to work if they are having issues entering lessons and need emotional support.

All the Heads of Year and Mrs Elgey are based close by.